Shining the light back on Nepal

Recovery from a disastrous set of events, like the earthquakes that rocked Nepal this year, is never quick. As a nation, the Nepalese are a tough, resourceful people. But this alone is not enough to enable their recovery from homes that have been destroyed, workplaces that no longer exist and schools that were razed to the ground.

Amongst what could be a story of doom and gloom are glimmering lights of hope. Working closely with partners and long term supports on the ground, PPUK has been supporting some fantastic projects. Thanks to the generosity that you and your fellow donors have shown us, we have been able to fund two wonderful programmes.

PPUK projects in 2015 and beyond

 Beautiful temporary School (1)

In Lukla, the gateway to the Everest region by air, we have long supported a clothing bank programme. Being a key area for our activities, we’ve been working with one of our trusted friends to rebuild houses that can be used by porter families. We’re currently funding five temporary homes, and as we raise more funds will look at what other support we can offer.

We’re also delighted to be working with a new partner, The Small World, to create a new programme in the Solukhumbu – PPUK has committed funds to support the temporary accommodation for two local schools (in the photo).. This is an area rich in porter culture; the beating heart of the region’s portering in many ways. It’s great to be helping to educate the next generation within Nepal, supporting the portering community.

We’ll continue to update you as these projects progress – so please check back here, like our Facebook page, and follow us on twitter.

Thanks again for all your support in recent months and years. If you can, please continue to donate – it makes a real difference in Nepal. Working together, we can be part of the country’s recovery.