Everest clothing bank

After a wonderful trip to the Khumbu, there is no better way to thank the local people for their kindness and support than to donate some of your gear to The Everest clothing bank in Lukla.

Situated halfway along the main street and run by Ang Phurba and his team, with the support of PPUK, this modest office is at the frontline of support for the Porters. Many of these will be meeting their clients and collecting loads as they spill out of the airport every few minutes in the high season, weather permitting!

As well as lending out clothing, the club also runs language and welfare classes for the porters and their families in the low seasons, as well as organising a range of annual events.

Porters’ Progress UK also supplement the donated stock with new, locally manufactured gear with money raised from our events in the UK, bringing not only gear, but also trade, to the local economy.

There is a particular need for trekking boots in the smaller sizes, so if you have an old pair in a cupboard somewhere, are considering buying a new pair when you get home, or would simply like to lighten your load for the ‘exciting’  take-off from Lukla Airport, please leave what you can!