Gokyo Porter Shelter now complete!

Gokyo shelter Nov 2013

“We are very grateful for your support. Without your help we could not build this in my life. We could not build it in my children’s life.” Nawang Sherpa (local member of the Gokyo Building Committee)

The building at Gokyo is structurally complete and the porter shelter is now operational with an outside contractor providing food.  There is still some way to go however before the fitting out of the rescue post and medical room is completed. Through the continued generosity of our supporters, we are pleased to have been able to pay for two of the panels to be used in the solar power facility as well as various items of essential medical equipment.

As with the facility at Machermo, the shelter and recue post at Gokyo is run by volunteer doctors from the International Porter Protection Group (IPPG), whose activities are described in greater detail elsewhere on our website. IPPG have reported a significant increase in the number of trekkers passing through Gokyo.  If numbers continue to increase at the current rate it is envisaged that the Gokyo post will require increasing resources to be devoted to it. One of IPPG’s priorities at Gokyo is to ensure that they deliver high altitude awareness and porter welfare talks to trekkers who may not have visited the Machermo post where talks have been given to more than 8000 trekkers since 2008.