Full listings for Best of Kendal Film night

Unmissable – The best action and adventure films from around the world!

Each year the very best films from Kendal Mountain Festival are hand-picked by Porter’s Progress UK as we proudly host the Craghoppers Best of Kendal World Film Tour.

Come and join us and experience the essence and inspiration of Kendal with a selection of the hottest action sports and adventure films.

Click on the video image above for a 2 minute taster.

All proceeds from the event go to Porters’ Progress UK, a UK based charity which supports projects to improve the safety and welfare of mountain porters in the Himalayas and other mountain ranges


6.00pm     Doors and bar open.

7.00pm     Introduction from Porters’ Progress UK.  Films start.

ROCKIN’ CUBA Winner – Judges’ Special Prize
Directed by Vladimir Cellier
Striking a subtle balance between a musical and a pure sport-climbing movie, this film is the fruit of many years of labour. The movie leaves no detail to chance; everything fits smoothly and seamlessly together. The musicians accompany the climbers in an intricate dance that pushes the genre of films to new heights. This is first and foremost the story of six climbers traveling to Cuba to put up new sport routes; Mickaël Fuselier and Nina Caprez are joined by Enzo Oddo, Mélissa Le Nevé, Cédric Lachat and Sébastien Boussogne. This fun-loving group bolted an entire area of new routes in the Viñales Valley, but there’s an entirely different adventure, bringing together the movie’s characters through music.
28 mins

HIGH TENSION – Winner – Best Mountaineering Film
Directed by Peter Mortimer, Nicholas Rosen, Josh Lowell and Zac Barr
Mount Everest made headlines around the world this year when it was reported that Ueli Steck and Simone Moro, the strongest duo in Alpinism, were attacked by a crowd of angry Sherpas at Camp 2 while attempting a cutting edge new route on the highest – and most crowded – mountain in teh world. Fearing for their lives, the climbers fled the mountain, and teh incident sparked a flurry of gasps ad angry recrimination: Sherpas, western climbers, guiding companies, even the legendary mountain itself were pounded with criticism from all sides. Amidst the bizarre event REEL ROCK was embedded with the climbing team and given an exclusive look at what happened that day, and why.
37 mins

CAVE UNICYCLING – Winner – KMF Short Film Competition
Directed by Michael Garrett and Kate Garrett
Some call it ‘Cave Unicycling’, others ‘Uni-Caving’, most call it madness. Many said it couldn’t be done. But it was done. And it was amazing…
1 min


THE ROAD FROM KARAKOL  – Winner – Best Mountain Adventure Film
Directed by Fitz Cahill
In Summer 2011, alpinist Kyle Dempster set out across Kyrgyzstan’s back roads on his bike. His goal – to ride across the country via old Soviet roads while climbing as many of the regions impressive peaks as possible. He was alone. He carried only a minimal ration of climbing gear. Ten Kyrgyz words rounded out his vocabulary. Part meditation on true spirit of adventure and part epic travelogue, The Road from Karakol is the story of a unique spirit who pedalled the roads and and decided to keep going.
25 mins

PETIT BUS ROUGE – Winner – Best Adrenaline Film
Directed by Sébastien Montaz-Rosset
With plenty of new tricks planned, and inspired ideas that will test the realms of possibility, talent and teamwork will be needed in abundance. Highliners, clowns, musicians, acrobats, climbers – there’s space for everyone onboard the Little Red Bus. We don’t know where the road will take us or who we’re going to meet along the way but it’s sure to be eventful and a laugh a minute. From the sublime to the ridiculous is only a step, and the laws of gravity are there to be broken. Hit the road and join our merry band travelling from Spain to Scotland, Brussels to Brévent, by air, land and sea… tumbling, flying, gliding and sliding, on a trip from the avant-garde to the extreme and all stops in between. There’s never a dull moment on the Petit Bus Rouge.
32 mins

CASCADA – Winner – Best Short Film
Directed Ansol Fogel, Skip Armstrong
Tangled vines. Endless rain. Dodgy hotel rooms. Mud. Biting Flies. Aggressive viruses…Perfection. Is this a vacation? Erik Boomer, Tyler Brandt, Galen Volckhasen, Tim Kemple, Anson Fogel, Blake Hendrix and Skip Armstrong hunt the remote Mexican jungle for the perfect waterfall…and the perfect shot. Paddler and cinematographer alike explore a world beyond the unexpected.
8 mins

10pm     Close.