Preventing snow-blindness amongst the porters of Nepal


We are currently seeking donations of high-quality sunglasses for the porters of Nepal and other mountain regions.  Thanks to generous donations we have already collected more than 1000 pairs of sunglasses since 2008!  Please continue to send in any spare pairs you may have lying around and we’ll be sure to put them to good use.

Aside from the impact of cold weather at high altitude, Himalayan porters – like all those who trek in this beautiful region of the world – are at risk of snow blindness. This painful condition is caused by extreme UV levels, which kill the outer cells of the eyeball leading to blindness. Such problems can be avoided by wearing effective sunglasses that filter UVA and UVB radiation and so prevent damage to the eye.

Research conducted by the Himalayan Rescue Association and Nepal International Clinic, Kathmandu shows that porters in the region are just as susceptible to medical problems on trek as Western trekkers. Despite this, they often lack the basic equipment that would protect against preventable ailments such as snow blindness and photokeratitis.

We require sunglasses with the following qualities:

  • Category 3

  • 99-100% UV absorption

  • 5-10% visible light transmittance

  • Polycarbonate or CR-39 lens

  • Large lenses that fit close to the face

  • Wraparound or side shielded to prevent incidental light exposure

For more information please get in touch.