How can you help?

You can help support the trekking porters and their communities through:


  • One-off donations
  • Monthly contributions
  • Attend our fundraising events; Autumn lectures and Spring film festivals
  • Perform your own fundraising eg. Walkathon, running a 10K
  • Donate trekking gear; clothing, suglasses, sleeping bags (new or second hand)


  • Become a PPUK volunteer
  • Transport trekking gear on your next trip to our clothing banks in Nepal and Kilimanjaro
  • Volunteer your ‘expertise’ to fundraise ie. run a marathon

and simply by being aware of the issues thousands of porters face.

Please get in touch to discuss any of the above options



If you would like to become a member or make a donation to Porters’ Progress UK,  follow the link to Just Giving to securely donate online (don’t forget to click ‘giftaid’)

As JustGiving handle the administration of both donations and Gift Aid rebates for us, their small fee which approximates 5%, represents the best value for us as a small charity, especially as Gift Aid adds 28% to any donation made by a UK tax payer. This means that donors can give to PPUK quickly, securely and tax-efficiently. For more information see

Or please write to:

Nicola Steele (Treasurer)
Flat 2
33 Earlsfield Road
SW18 3DB

Email: nicola (@)

Cheques should be payable to “Porters’ Progress UK”.  Gift aid cheques are welcome