Black tie and crampons on Everest

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What’s the highest you’ve ever had dinner? Pretty high altitude we’re guessing for some of you. But how about the highest you’ve ever had a Michelin Star dinner?

Some of PPUK’s supporters are taking on a pretty exceptional challenge to help Community Action Nepal (CAN), the charity with which we have such close ties, and which continues to do so much good in Nepal.

In April 2015, a British expedition will set out to climb Mt Everest by the North Ridge. En-route to the top, they will attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the Highest formal black tie Dinner Party.

Check out the Everest Summit Climb & Highest Dinner Party website to donate. You’ll also find find information about the team, the dinner, the summit attempt as well as a shout out to our friends at CAN.

An amazing expedition – please show it some amazing support!